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. good morning, it is election day, what they are saying about the white house. and folks are gearing up for phone banks, we will tell you what that means and we will tell you how they hope to get an edge over their republican counterparts. we are live in san jose, we will tell you how folks are already casting their ballots. it will be close today but don't get used to a big change, soon we have more coming up on
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the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. it will still be in the 70s, we could have a couple of record lows and other than that, look for a nice day but big changes are coming and we will have more than that coming up in about five minutes. it is backed up all the way to hillcrest and by the time you goat bay point it does even out. it's not great but the commute looks good heading out to the high-rise, 601, let's go back to the desk. this is election day and the poles open just one hour from now. all the month of campaigning
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and all the millions of dollars spent on ads and commercials all come down to this day. the latest poll shows us neck and neck. now mitt romney just voted for himself about five minutes ago and he did it near his home in boston. then he is taking the unusual step to continue to campaign on election day. he has scheduled a stop before he heads back to his election day headquarters in boston. president barack obama and first lady michelle obama is already back home in chicago and they will be watching the election returns come in from there. coming up, we will have an election day guide to the key moments of when the results are expected to come in. right now both democrats and republicans here in the bay area are trying a last ditch effort to get out and cast
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their votes. here is more on who they are targeting. tara? we are here at the democratic campaign headquarters, these are some volunteers. they came here to where it says sign in and they will be calling in the key battleground states. they are given a guide as to what it should say and there is some tables set up and they will making phone calls from there. we all know virginia, florida and ohio are a lot of swing voters and they want to make sure we encourage swing voters. after all we saw how every vote was important in 2000. >> they are hearing from a lot of folks. >> they want to get them out the door and make sure they hit the polling areas.
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>> exactly this is an important election. >> reporter: now last night republicans were just as busy in contra costa trying to get the word out on mitt romney. >> it reinforces them somebody is out there trying to do something that agree with the same things they agree with. >> if you have not voted, i forgot my thing over here, this is my ballot and i dropped this off at a poling steaks so i want to remind folks to get out there and vote. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well the polls over in just 60 minutes and they are getting ready for the crowds.
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jeanine dana dellefemine is della vega is in san jose and they have dropped off their ballots this morning. the parking lot is already full because election workers are already starting to come in to help out. if you take a look at these cones these are set up at a drive through so people can drive through in their cars and drive here to set up ballots and it is set up for their convenience. 73% vote by male so the registrar's office is expecting a flood of people and they are expecting them to start setting up. we spoke to people this morning who wanted to beat the rush.
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>> i am going for my work and i hope to avoid a lot of people. >> in 2008, there was an 86% turnout and the registrar tells me he expects to be even higher. of course there are some propositions and some interesting measures to vote on. they include measure a which is raising the sales tax and also measure d which is raising from $8 an hour to $10 an hour so there are a lot of different races that will be interesting to watch. jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. and you can also go to our channel 2 website, you can find state by state break downs of what is at stake. san jose police are
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investigating an overnight house fire. they say a man who lived there set the fire just before 3:00 this morning. nobody was hurt and officers did take the man into custody. officer say they believe mental illness played a role in that. it happened shortly after 5:00 last night. police say he was driving when he crashed into another car that was not involved in the pursuit. the officer is expected to be okay. police say the driver got away. outrage is growing after he was -- there was a sexual abuse by two teachers. she told the school district and former administrations
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claiming they failed to stop the abuse but they responded to her lawsuit by calling her negligent and careless. it calls on them to prove that the woman's claims are wrong. they spent a lot of money on the parade but the benefits far outweigh the costs. they spend about $25,000 on the parade costs but they put it all into perspective, estimating visitors spent anywhere from 15 to $40 million. >> that is a lot of money. >> yes, that is a lot of money. >> and at&t park is a tourist destination, right? >> yes, you can see people are coming from all over the place. and from the home of the world champs let's look at the big commute, the big commute
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getting into san francisco and it is getting passed the interchange and it looks more crowded here. i do see some flashing lights and we will keep an eye on that and see what that is all about. it looks like a wide vehicle and it looks great in san francisco, northbound 101 approaching the 880 split and we have checked in with bart and muni, systems are running on time and there are no major problems on cal train either. we have had some slow traffic coming from livermore to caster valley. and if you were in gilroy, it feels like 90 degrees.
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forecast high is 86, i am buy pam and dave lunch if it is 86 not going to happen. oakland is close, san jose yes, looks like 80 is the record and there will be a couple of 47 fairfield, santa rosa if they don't get a north wind, it is okay. the days are too short, east breeze, higher elevations and i have seen some 60s but the breeze was much stronger coming off some of the mild elevations. a big change starts tomorrow and we will get the fog back and a little system will bring in cold air and rain.
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and then thursday and friday it will be a cold pattern. chilly inland lows and it is 61 degrees. 70s on upper temperatures and the days are so short. and without that easterly breeze, we will have a really awesome day. it is kind of a showery pattern, very cold takes us to the weekend and very cold by then. it is one of the top ones in the box office but they want to take it out, blight. and heading for the east coast right now could make the hurricane sandy damage even worse.
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. it is one week after hurricane sandy hit. it happened in low-lying areas and in new jersey that town is expect told get more than an inch of rain and rain gusts up to 55 miles per hour. that is not unusual on its own but this could create a storm surge and add to all the flooding they have had they are
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investigating reports of gas price gouging and some are reporting up to $30 a gallon craigslist and some are willing to pay it. they have to power their generators until conn edison can turn the power back on. they are trying to get to the polls and governor cuomo is asking them to cast ballots at any polling place they can get to. christie says voters will be allowed to cast ballots by e- mail or fax. they have locked up the race and looking at when the poles close in the biggest
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battleground states, allison? >> pam, there are nine swing states and here are some coming in tonight. between 4 and 4:30 p.m., the first poles close between virginia, ohio and north carolina. then a 5:00 they close and by 6:00 the battleground states in wisconsin can be decided. he won all of those and the president still has a slim lead in most of them. he voted a few minutes ago and mitt romney is looking to take those first few wins in ohio and north carolina and to make it along evening for president barack obama. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and fewer ballots will be cast in california than the
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2008 presidential election despite a record number of people registered to vote. it supports 25.3 million and compare that to 2008. we have important propositions. on the flip side those using mail in ballots, they are expected to reach high and they are expected to vote in person at the precincts today. we will have complete election coverage throughout the morning and special coverage this afternoon. we started as the poles closed on the east coast and we will have up to the minute results and there is also an expanded addition for our complete election coverage. >> san francisco need your
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help. they want to identify a man who is accused of pepper spraying a student last month. here is the man they are looking for. the incident happened near market montgomery streets. if you have any information about this case call police. two area cities have made the top 10 while biking is popular. they saw cycling at 46% and it puts them at number 7. at least 43% use their bikes to get to school or work. san francisco comes in number 4 and number one on the list with washington d.c. >> 618 is the time and let's check in with sal. sal? >> we are looking good around
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the bay area we are backed up from hillcrest and usually it is not quite that bad and it has been slow going and i do is see -- do see some mist and clouds but it's not affecting visibility just yet. traffic is a little bit slow from walnut creek. it is backed up all the way to the mcarthur maze and we are looking at the south bay as well through our computer advised system here and as you approach mckey road. as you drive towards fremont, it is a little bit tough getting into the pass and towards leg, let's go to steve. it is a little bit of patchy fog, there is a huge
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difference, 40s to 60s but the breeze has tailed off and there is a hint of an offshore winds. yesterday was much stronger and it led to some record highs developing. clear skies, trust me, i know this. it is a pretty picture, i am ready to go fellows. thank you very much. we do have high pressure build right there and you can see today is the last day but it is november. you get 80 degrees, and yesterday we had that, record highs from redding and ukiah, 15 around here to. without the breeze, i mean it's really tough for antioch to warm up. some areas are in the 40s unless there is a howling offshore breeze.
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sunny nice to warm, not as warm as yesterday, cooling trends goes from 70s to 80s and high 50s. there will be some rain, chilly lows as you just saw some of those 40s. 70s on temperatures, a few in red wood city. temperatures are really warm today. here comes some cloud showers, cold conditions taking it right into your weekend, it will be cold by sunday. it slipped during the third quarter, and apple still has a solid lead over its competitors.
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>> it is 18 with total sales and kendall is third with 9%. the flight is about a high functioning alcoholic and they want them to obscure or remove the budweiser picture from the film. they typically pay their companies but anheuser busch was never contacted. oracle team is bouncing back from last month's boating accident and we will have more on what they are doing with the damaged parts. plus every vote is being heard from out of state and they are voting as well during this election day.
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this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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. welcome back time now 365, including outer space. they e-mailed them up to the astronauts at the international
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spacing station and when they finished it comes right back down to earth. it comes down to the voting authorities here. it came as it was passed in texas and in 1997. rankings are showing the football teams and the bears has the graduate rate pack 12. only 47% who entered in 2005 graduated within six years and compare that to the 6 year graduation rate for undergrad students as a whole, it was 90% in 2012. those rates were not acceptable but he points to a place like the nfl. the yacht was destroyed last months and they -- last month and they plan to use the shards and turn it into a tiny
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flying device. they plan on taking part in san francisco. it is a big event where 33 teams will compete to see how far they can launch their unique devices into the water, launching it from a 34-foot platform. >> how is the commute going so far? >> we do have some slow traffic to watch out for if you are going to be leaving the house soon. let's look at northbound, 280 west and 217 getting to the bottom of the hill is not bad. traffic from pleasanton is looking good, here is steve. it is not as warm as yesterday but still very warm. 40s to 60 in san francisco,
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low 70s and 80s, and we will have big changes coming up in about 10 minutes. police have made three arrests in the death of an infant, what we are finding out which may have caused that death. we'll tell you how the governor is feeling about the passage of this proposition. plus what mitt romney is up to on this election day.
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we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new.
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chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business at . welcome back, they are certainly doing a lot of work back there after the super storm sandy and they are on the
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nasdaq and they are talking about getting out the vote, league of women voters are there and also do something .org. they are ringing the bell and saying do something. let's have a really nice high voter turnout, no matter how you are doing gets let -- let's get out and vote. it is a tuesday, november 6th, i am dave clark. in election news, the polls will open in california in just about 30 minutes from now. and mitt romney left his boston home about 30 minutes ago and in an unusual move mitt romney will continue campaigning today before returning to boston. president barack obama now back home in chicago with first lady michelle obama and they will watch the returns come in from home and we will have live
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reports come in from election day headquarters throughout the morning and we will have a live report coming up in about 13 minutes. gearing up for election day, we have live team coverage for you and alex savage is covering proposition 30 -- proposition 30. but we start with jeanine della vega and the polls open in just about 30 minutes, good morning. good morning, it is really starting to get rolling here, we have seen people drop off their ballots and we can see people doing that right now but they have been doing it through this drive through area where there have been cones set up and they will drive through here and it is expected to be very, very busy today. it started before 5:00 this morning and they were starting to beat the rush because of all
6:33 am
the people who were starting to beat the rush today. things are running smoothly and hundreds are already at their polling locations setting them up in santa clara county and 46% of people who voted by male have already turned in their ballots. the registrar wants them to know about those locations and where they can be dropped off. >> you can talk about it at any pole location and we have 700 pole locations. we also have 5 drop off locations but you have people standing there taking it at the curb so they don't have to drop off their car and the important thing is, we can have it by 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> he is expecting a voter turnout want to 8 and 75%. it has always been historic turnout and there are some very
6:34 am
important measures, there is measure a raising the sales tax a percentage -- percentage and measure d raising up to $10 per hour. and back out here live you can see there is already an election worker here who is waiting with a smile, she has stickers here to say i voted, there she is, she is taking their ballot tomorrow so they could have it all live for their convenience, jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and he is in favor of prop 30, he joins us with how the governor will prevent deep cuts to public schools, alex? >> reporter: he will return billions of dollars to schools across california and that's why the governor is urging a
6:35 am
yes-vote on the proposition. he plans to cast his vote and this is oakland station fire number 6 up in the hills. yesterday this was the scene as the governor said cuts are going up and is is -- he is urging this measure as he stopped in five cities across the state. he is warning of severe cuts to the schools as proposition 30 gets taken. >> keep the california dream alive, yes on 30. >> reporter: it would temporarily hike the income taxes and increase sales taxes for everyone. with all of that money going to community colleges. if that happens, a 6 billion-
6:36 am
dollar cut for scs. most will be footing the bill under this proposition. they showed support for proposition 30 which is needed to pass. opponents of the measure are urging a no-vote and they say there is no guarantee under this measure that they will all go to schools. >> at the end of the day, voters will reject it in 2009 when they had a tax on the ballot, but it's not about that, but about a tax increase. there was more on proposition 30 which came from a business group.$♪ the fair commission which is a watchdog group accused opponents for not revealing the source of that donation in their campaign ads. as we come back out here life in oakland this morning, this is a group of teachers
6:37 am
assembling just up the road here and they plan to hold a rally near the polling station where again, the governor will be casting his ballot in favor of proposition 30 and this is the money that would be going to schools. we will bring that to you on mornings on 2. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and you can go to our channel 2 website to find out state by state what that break down is. sal, what is the toll plaza doing now? >> well, we are looking at a lost people coming into the city and the traffic is back up -- backed up all the way to the mcarthur maze. there are no problems getting
6:38 am
into san francisco but it is crowded and a lot of people are on the road. it looks good a poaching the 880 split and it is a nice looking drive, and it is okay unless you are trying to get out of fso. >> as we are approaching, for the bound 101 is the slowest freeway near the off ramp towards 880, let's go to steve. yesterday was a record- setting day, we have a few records and we lost that easterly breeze, it is flailed 40s to 60s, clear skies, any patchy fog, chilly to mild, not as breezy as yesterday and if you missed it, we have some of the record highs, it is incredible, san jose, oakland 84, redwood city was in there, fso at 79, those are all
6:39 am
records and even ukiah, 94 and 94 and 96. today santa rosa, i don't think san francisco will, san jose looks to be in the ballpark. redwood city, i am going 80 and without that, it is tough especially to recover from the 40s. i just don't see that happening. right now it is 61 in san francisco and there are some areas cool on the mild side. without that it's good old internationalled much and we have 0 off and on high pressure coming in and it is could plunging temperatures and fog will be back tonight and tomorrow and that will cool us down, that lane sweeps over and it will be even more as we go into thursday and we'll see a big change in our weather.
6:40 am
get out and enjoy it while you can. chilly lows inland and not so bad on the coast. the conversation yeah, maybe santa rosa -- santa clara weekend and it will be combed in the morning. new this morning, three daycare workers were arrested in the connection with the death of a four-month old baby. they were arrested on suspicion of involuntary man slaughter. it comes after a report that a four-month old accidentally suffocated in his bedding last month. time now 6:40 his bus was set on fire following the world series and now immune any driver will be honored for
6:41 am
keeping his passengers safe that night. californians have a decision whether or not to reveal the death penalty, what they are saying this morning. also, looking live, polls are opening and people are in line ready to vote. but they are already open on the east coast. we will take you live to headquarters in chicago. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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. the turnout for the election has been heavily damaged by super storm sandy. some of the lines are forming, you can see here, brooklyn new york, they are being allowed to cast an affidavit ballot anywhere in the entire state. and in the swing state, this is miami-dade county and it's a place we will be watching. a lot of political observers will be watching closely in ohio. here is a look amount the lines. this is blue ash ohio, already
6:45 am
busy out there and we will keep an eye on ohio, a very important state. with voters, it is still a dead heat and president barack obama will be watching the election results come in from there. renee marsh is at the campaign headquarters in chicago now, so what is the president up to today, renee? >> well, his schedule looks nothing like it looked like yesterday and yesterday was quite hectic since it was election eve and he is lying low and taking it easy and you can see right here at his headquarters, this is where all the action will be as you see the results, this is president barack obama and at some point he will take to the stage and it will be one of two things, to give that victory speech or to concede the race to mitt romney.
6:46 am
>> are you fired up? >> [applauds] . are you fired up. >> reporter: the speech in ohio left the president with a tier in his eyes in the 2008 iowa caucuses. >> we cannot be stopped after all we fought through together, we cannot be changed now. >> and his dizzying tour marks the era, his final presidential campaign. from wisconsin to ohio and iowa, he focused not only on the undecided voters but reenergized those loyal voters to cast their vote again. >> it comes down to you, it is out of my hand now, it is in yours, the single most powerful force in our democracy is you moving this country forward begins with you. >> the president is in chicago
6:47 am
while the country gets out to vote. per tradition he will play a game of basketball with his staff before ending his day where he hopes for a repeat of that 2008 november 9th. and the president already voted and he did early voting and we expect some pre-satellite interviews and we might even see him out here in chicago saying thankful to those volunteers in chicago after a very long campaign. thank you. and happening right now, republican vice-presidential nominee paul ryan is voting near his home in wisconsin and we want to show you that as it's happening live outside wisconsin. after he votes we will join mitt romney for a campaign appearance and move on to richmond before joining mitt romney in boston this evening.
6:48 am
mitt romney cast his ballot earlier this morning near his boston area home and mitt romney is headed to campaign stops in offers and headed to pennsylvania before heading home to ohio this evening. we will flare him coming up in the next hour. and they are rallying at san gwen on it -- san gwen on it. here is more on the controversial prop six which is opposed by many law enforcement. >> this is one of those hot button issues many lou enforce -- law enforcement will have to decide. a small group of people are supporting this. now if passed it will repeal the death penalty and give them life without the possibility of
6:49 am
parole. they will work while in prison and their wages will be given to crime victims. now with the sheriff's association and even markhors, they say it let's criminals escape justice. >> unless things change, he will not be executed and he may well out live me. >> and they say passing prop 34 will safe them millions of -- save them millions of dollars. some are appealing for the humanity aspect of this. >> we are a great nation, we are setting the trend, people follow us, is this what we want them to stand for as americans. and i said no, we will put people to death but not put our children through school? >> well, if it does not pass,
6:50 am
many other states will follow suit. 33 states have the death penalty and again voters will have to decide on this to go through today and they have a long way to go but a field pole suggests 45% support this measure and 1 in 5 are still undecided. live in flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we do have more election coverage coming up on mornings on 2 as well as a special coverage this afternoon. we start at 4:00 on the east coast. we will have up to the minute results on and mobile as well. there is also an expanded addition on our newscast for complete coverage. a bus driver will be honored for the way he protected his passengers.
6:51 am
allan yam kept his passengers safe while his bus was torched set on fire on market streets. according to the san francisco stay put but then he evacuated after somebody started smashing out the windows. he looked for two people on the video starting that fire. 6:50, back over to sal on the south bay, how is it looking? >> we are starting to see a little on 280 northbound and it is a little bit of it. that puts more people on 280 and 85. the traffic looks good on the san mateo and dumbarton and across the bay, haywood looks slow from 280 heading on down and if you are driving from funnel to richmond we are
6:52 am
seeing some slow traffic there. backed up from the mcarthur maze, let's go to steve. it is not as warm as it was yesterday. even from gilroy, sunny and nice today, a few records cooling and the fog will return and big changes, a cold rain, and it will be cold and raining, we are going to take a big plunge here. oakland will be close, there lab couple but when you are starting on 34 or 46, it is really tough inland without a northeast wind. upper 50s and lower 60s, that
6:53 am
east live breeze has really tailed off. and we have a cold system dropping down. sunny, nice to warm, get ready because starting tomorrow, we have a good 25-degree drop. a lighter breeze, sunny and nice, highs today 70s and inland temperatures hard pressed -- hard pressed to get above 80 and tomorrow we start to take a plunge. thursday and friday, it will not be watched out. the weekend will be better but it will be very cold in the morning. >> time now 6:53 it happened in santa rosa. why even investigators are stunned. plus new videos of that small video ever that capsized vote, what rescuers did to keep those
6:54 am
children alive.
6:55 am
6:56 am
. welcome back, the market is actually higher, the dow jones industrial average is up about 74 points ahead of the election. nasdaq and s&p 500 also up nearly half of a percent as well. they are looking for somebody who shot and killed a
6:57 am
horse in santa rosa. the horse was in the park where it was shot and that wounded horse somehow ran back to its stable before collapsing. it is offering -- they are offering a reward leading to any information leading to an arrest. they have waves covering that boat with 7 people on board. two children were trapped beneath that vote. one of the to yourest moments was rescuing a father who did not want to leave his kids. they rescued the children bought cutting a hole in the hull. here is more on traffic. it is just a lot of people coming into it and at the toll plaza, there are no major problems. if you are driving on the east shore freeway, there is a lot
6:58 am
of traffic in vallejo or in crossing the bridge. let's go to steve. if there is was any fog, it helps along a slight offshore breeze and we will have more on mornings on 2. in just a few minutes, we will have live team coverage of election day 2012 continues. also, many volunteers are up, the message they are sending to voters back east. stay with us.
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